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Sound has uniquely powerful effects on information perception. Among top Hollywood filmmakers, it is commonly understood that, while visuals tell the audience what is happening, the soundtrack tells them how to feel about it.

Pro Audio Solutions

At Ursa Minor, we have a passion for audio. From features and documentaries to albums and video games, our state-of-the-art facility and years of experience will give your product the pristine sonic quality and emotional impact it needs for commercial success.

Pro Audio Services
  • Studio Recording
  • Audio Post for Film
  • Voice Overs and Looping
  • Sound Design
  • Original Music Production
  • Remote Recording
  • Mastering
  • Batch Processing

Business Audio Solutions

Whatever the size of your organization, audio is a proven format that can expand the reach of your message and grow your audience. From radio spots to podcasts to high-impact presentations, Ursa Minor will make you sound sensational.

Business Audio Services
  • Podcast Production
  • Web Audio Production
  • Audio Books
  • Voice Over Production
  • Spoken Audio Products
  • Radio Spots and PSAs