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The purpose of Ursa Minor is to leverage the maximum range and reach of media and technology to propel human potentials, and to create a better world.

Why Media?

Media is more than mere messaging or entertainment. Our daily exchange of stories, images, sounds, commentary, and musings are the thoughts within our social mind. The sweeping currents of conversations, emails, films, advertisements, blogs, books, articles, music, etc. continuously spread memetic information that shape our attitudes, motivations and worldviews.


With the proliferation of mobile, search, and social technologies, the ability to grow large audiences and influence culture and society is no longer the exclusive purview of giant corporations.

By carefully matching technology and content with cultural values, individuals and organizations of any size can speed the exchange of ideas, harness collective intelligence, and dramatically increase their effectiveness.


The Next Evolutionary Stage

And yet, when it comes to addressing global issues, media and technology are only half the picture. Social transformation also requires a change on the inside — within human consciousness. More specifically, it requires a widening of our spheres of care and concern.


As we begin the 21st Century, our understanding of ourselves and the Universe is deepening. We have access to an unprecedented quantity of knowledge. From profound scientific discoveries to silly pet tricks, we are developing an almost real-time awareness of each other and world events.


At the same time, we are beginning to see the limits of Earth's capacity to sustain our increasing population, consumption and conflict.

This combination of increased awareness and crisis may well be the catalyst that finally transforms our role from that of occupants and consumers to collaborators and agents of life itself. For the first time in our history, scientific understanding is beginning to corroborate what saints and mystics have taught for centuries — that humanity, life, and the cosmos are intimately interconnected.

When we take time to contemplate this, when we fully let in the transpersonal nature of our existence, our fundamental life motives shift. We begin to consciously embody the same creativity and intelligence that drives evolution itself. Only with this perspective and motivation can we create social structures that align individual, organizational, and planetary self-interest.


At Ursa Minor, our intention is twofold. First, to create media and software that facilitate this type of realization. And second, to cultivate a culture through collaboration, artistry, and friendship that nourishes our ingenuity and our souls as we create the future together.